Angana Nanavaty jewelry is made in India and carries the loving energies of the talented hands that make it.

The collections are rooted in symbolism and themes that are centered around positive beliefs or emotional states. The jewelry is delicate and has been designed for daily wear with small details and minimal form. Selecting a piece initiates a journey of self-discovery where you establish your current state and explore your intentions to live your best life.

“My meditation practice has shown me the life changing power of belief, conditioning and affirmations. Reversals of fate are often attributed to miracles but a far more empowering answer lies in understanding the workings of the subconscious mind. You are the master of your own destiny and the key to your soul realization lies in your beliefs, intentions and actions. My energies are invested in creating 3-D mantras in gold, jewelry that is a reminder of your purpose and the work you must put in to achieve your potential.”

Use these talismans to accelerate your self-actualization and manifestations. All you need is intention, imagination and a leap of faith!

Angana Nanavaty was in media before she realized she had an artistic bone. The path of least resistance took her to Jaipur and San Francisco, where she learnt how to make jewelry. AN met wonderful mentors and guides on her journey and continues to be supported by the kindest and most generous souls. Always a dreamer and an imaginative story teller, Angana expresses her sense of wonder and positive belief through her jewelry. Mysticism and magic are overriding themes in her selection of symbols and messaging. She is a long time meditator and some time teacher of meditation and her practice has been a source of inspiration for her creations. She would like to believe that her jewelry carries all her good intentions and works on an energy level to empower the wearer.

AN has created a small tribe of happy customers around the world and is grateful for the lasting friendships that her work has brought her. She absolutely loves being in the zone when creating her next collection and has learnt to let things completely fall apart as she just cannot multitask when in the flow.


Scallop Pendant

Third Eye Stack Rings

Born Again Diamond Earrings

Unicorn Horn Pendant